Detox: Clay Body Wrap


The ingredients of this mask have traditionally been used  to activate and stimulate the lymphatic system.*

Product Description

Professional Detox Treatment, 60 min or 90 min

You will need: 1 dry-brush, 1 fabric sheet, 1 mylar sheet (if regular plastic, you will need a warming blanket), 3 dark hand towels, one dark bath towel, 1 mixing bowl, 1 spoon, 3-4 fl.oz of Detox: Clay Body Wrap product. Use of a shower after the wrap is highly recommended (if you wipe the masque off with wet warm towels, make sure they are dark, so as not to show stains as much.)

A Single Treatment Detox Kit will be offered soon.

The following ritual will be expanded upon in the near future to include recipes for beverages. Please advise your client to drink water before the treatment or you might want to offer another appropriate beverage.

  • Set up your massage table as you would for any body wrap treatment.
  • Start with person face down and covered by large dark bath towel.
  • With circular clockwise movements, dry-brush from toes toward heart and from hands toward heart. This will stimulate circulation for blood and lymph and prepare for the detox process. It also provides gentle exfoliation.
  • Have person turn face up, and dry-brush front of body as you did the back.
  • Assist person to sit up and apply Detox: Clay Body Wrap to the entire back and to the back of the arms.
  • Assist person to lie down.
  • Apply masque to one arm and wrap the arm so that person does not get cold. Then do other arm.
  • If appropriate, cover breasts with a dry, warm hand towel.
  • Apply masque to the tummy and to the decolleté (or to the entire chest). Then cover the trunk of the body with the mylar sheet, and place the large bath towel on top.
  • Assist person to bring up one knee, and make sure that the foot is planted firmly on the table. Apply masque over hip, leg and foot.
  • Assist person to lower the knee, wrap the entire leg with mylar and cover with bath towel.
  • Repeat for the other leg. Wrap and cover with large bath towel.
  • Fold sheet over the bath towel for a cocoon. Support the knees with a pillow or a foot/knee rest that goes under the fabric sheet.
  • Allow the person to rest for 20 minutes.
  • Do not leave the person while he/she is resting. This could be the time for client-appropriate bodywork such as Acupressure, CranioSacral Work, Reiki, or a neck and scalp massage. NOTE: I strongly advise against the use of any additional essential oils during the rest time!
  • At the end of the rest time, turn on the shower, unwrap your client and assist with getting to the shower.

Depending on the health of the person being treated, you may like to choose one of the following options to finish your treatment:


Additional Information

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Illite Clay, Vegetable Glycerin; Extracts of Aloe, Amalaki, Calendula, Pumpkin, Wheatgrass, White Willow Bark; Essential Oils of Calendula, Cypress, Lavender, Myrtle, Tangerine, Wintergreen.


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