Morrocan Retreat

Today, a man came for a massage with desert-dirty feet. ... I washed them. ... you never know ....   Moroccan Retreat: Coming In from the Desert Living here in the Valley of the Sun, we have a heightened sense of what it means to live in a desert: We know of the tiredness that comes from being on hot and deserted stretches of parched land for hours on end and longing for cool air and fresh water. We have experienced the challenge of running errands in 110*F temperatures while trotting on hot pavements, longing for shade and comfort. We [...]

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Have a “Pretzel” : – Relieve Stress and Tension with Acupressure

Ever wondered why pretzels (Ger. Brezeln) are shaped the way they are? There are several different stories, but most refer to medieval devotional practices in Austria, Bavaria and Switzerland. Given as New Year’s gifts to parishioners for good luck, or as unleavened bread during lent, pretzels depict the custom of crossing one’s arms (Lat. Bracchia) and positioning the hands in prayer either on the shoulders or just beneath the collar bone. Most stories mention that the position of the hands on or near the shoulders, like the position of hands folded in prayer, shows the peaceful intentions of the practitioner, [...]

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Rosemary for Memory

A 2013 study conducted by researchers at the Psychology Department of Northumbria University, Newcastle, set out to investigate whether rosemary lives up to its claim that it helps memory. The researchers were particularly interested in testing it for the “ability to remember events that will occur in the future and to remember to complete tasks at particular times [as] is critical for everyday functioning.” (1) […]

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Acknowledgements and Appreciation

January 1, 2015, marks the transition from doing business as Olreka, LLC, to our new dba, Enlight. For me, this is a joyous occasion to celebrate and to thank those who have accompanied me on my path toward creating a natural aromatherapy spa product business. On December 13/14, 2014, we already had our first big event under the new banner: The Phoenix Christkindl Market at Heritage Square was fun and a success. My thanks go to Connie and Richard Jahrmarkt, to David Grieme, and to Colin and Ian Boecker-Grieme, for help with all things practical and for making this a [...]

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