A spa ritual with mindful intention

It’s time to close your eyes. Set an intention. Create a purposeful ritual, and treat yourself to organic spa products that heal the body, mind, and spirit. That’s the power of Enlight.

Our ritual combines a holistic philosophy, body therapy techniques, and natural spa products that harness the highest quality therapeutic ingredients. Enlight’s synergy of Old World herbal traditions and modern herbal preparations creates a world of therapeutic bodywork and personal care products engage all of the senses, leading to long-lasting benefits you can feel inside and out.*




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Morrocan Retreat

Today, a man came for a massage with desert-dirty feet. ... I washed them. ... you never know ....   Moroccan Retreat: Coming In from the Desert Living here in the Valley of the Sun, [...]

Have a “Pretzel” : – Relieve Stress and Tension with Acupressure

Ever wondered why pretzels (Ger. Brezeln) are shaped the way they are? There are several different stories, but most refer to medieval devotional practices in Austria, Bavaria and Switzerland. Given as New Year’s gifts to [...]

Rosemary for Memory

A 2013 study conducted by researchers at the Psychology Department of Northumbria University, Newcastle, set out to investigate whether rosemary lives up to its claim that it helps memory. The researchers were particularly interested in testing [...]

Acknowledgements and Appreciation

January 1, 2015, marks the transition from doing business as Olreka, LLC, to our new dba, Enlight. For me, this is a joyous occasion to celebrate and to thank those who have accompanied me on [...]