Organic aromatherapy oils, herbal
wraps, and natural moisturizers

Health Essenz masterfully blends herbs and essences from the Earth’s most precious plants and minerals into therapeutic, organic aromatherapy oils, herbal wraps, and natural moisturizers.

Each product features Enlight’s distinct AromEssenz Complex, a synergy of aromatherapy oils and vibrational essences that enhance a product with respect to its intended purpose. From circulation and the lymphatic system, to body aches and pains, Health Essenz nurtures your mind, body, and spirit back to health.

Health Essenz Benefits

Heath Essenz helps you with:

  • Dry & damaged skin
  • Joint and muscle aches & pain
  • Mood fluctuations
  • Stress and insomnia
  • Oily or itchy scalps
  • Poor circulation
  • Low immunity

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Awareness. Mindfulness. Purpose. Intention.

Use Enlight’s herbal botanicals as part of your personal healing ritual.