Our story

Enlight’s meaningful and intentional ritual combines a holistic philosophy, body therapy techniques, and therapeutic products that create long-term healing effects. Using traditional and modern herbal formulations, our enchanting therapies engage all of the senses and lead to long-lasting benefits.

Enlight stemmed from founder Uli Boecker’s life-long interest in herbal and frequency remedies. After 20 years of practicing therapeutic bodywork and skin care, Uli started a spa product company called Olreka, which later grew into Enlight.

Almost a decade after setting her intention and founding this company, Uli continues the Enlight tradition to:

  • Create bodywork rituals full of mindful intention.

  • Use all-natural herbs and traditions that treat every inch of skin as an absorbent canvas.

  • Produce long-term healing effects that synthetic products lack.

  • Develop a complete sensory experience that heals the body using all of the senses.

  • Use small batches of only the highest grade therapeutic essential oils, herbs, essences, and carrier ingredients. All of our products are free of parabens and animal ingredients, use food-grade preservatives, and are never tested on animals.

Our approach to organic ingredients

Organic is a simple word, but it’ s more complex than it may seem. Many companies stretch the truth about their organic ingredients so they can use an impressive title and charge premium prices. At Enlight, we have a unique approach to going organic that allows us to deliver effective products at reasonable prices.

Our team believes in using the best ingredients – certified organic or not. An ingredient must meet the following criteria to be included in our creations:

  • High quality
    Organic, biodynamically farmed, wild crafted and/or farmed, or collected according to the highest harvesting standards

  • Natural and pure
    No synthetic perfumes, aroma isolates, “nature-identical” oils, parabens, or other toxic materials

  • Synergistic
    High-therapeutic and natural chemical characteristics that blend harmoniously to create special scents

  • Authentic
    Purchased directly from their native source, such as clays from Morocco for Morocco Gold and herbs from China for Golden Lotus

  • Available
    Easy to access from reliable suppliers to maintain consistency

  • Pragmatic
    Relevant and meaningful for the intended use

With these characteristics in mind, Enlight creates the highest quality therapeutic products, whether they have a fancy organic label or not.

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