January 1, 2015, marks the transition from doing business as Olreka, LLC, to our new dba, Enlight. For me, this is a joyous occasion to celebrate and to thank those who have accompanied me on my path toward creating a natural aromatherapy spa product business. On December 13/14, 2014, we already had our first big event under the new banner: The Phoenix Christkindl Market at Heritage Square was fun and a success. My thanks go to Connie and Richard Jahrmarkt, to David Grieme, and to Colin and Ian Boecker-Grieme, for help with all things practical and for making this a beautiful event.


For outstanding research and inspired re-branding for Olreka?s new dba, Enlight, and for the new business website, I thank Sheila Patterson, of Apex Creative, and Shaina Rozen, of Sidetone. Their creativity and precision is instrumental in steering this business to a new and clear concept, and in building the business website, with a new design, and with fewer words and more meaning. It is a pleasure to collaborate with Sheila and Shaina. I very much appreciate their meticulous work and endless support.

For previous versions of the website, my thanks also go to Julia Lauer, of Ambush Graphics – she crafted my first product labels, created the first serene WordPress pages and supported me during my first steps into the adventurous world of e-stores; to Jeffrey Krause, for his brilliant translation of my vague format ideas into functioning e-store pages; to Peter Fleckenstein, for sticking with me through various platforms and product data bases; and to Angelika Boecker, for introducing me to CSV files and for many nights of software error searches and corrections of previously used platforms.

Acknowledgement and thanks go to those who are instrumental in supporting me to make this project into a viable, sustainable business: Alicia Marseille, Kristin Slice and Michael D?Hoostelaere, of the AZ Maricopa County Small Business Development Center; David and Bonnie Cunningham for a supportive?look at my business and for their challenge to show my colors; Bahne Petersen and Dieter Mueller-Renzau, formerly of Langnese-Iglo/Unilever, for sparking my interest in packaging; and Mary Wolff, for being at my side for all things financial.

For direct or indirect influence on the contents of these pages, recognition and appreciation also goes to some of my teachers: George Juergens, of Indiana University, for reminding me to ask devils-advocate questions; Jeffrey Wolin of Indiana University and Tom Myers of Anatomy Trains?, for sharpening my vision in more than one way; my instructors at the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration, at Jin Shin Jyutsu, Inc., at the Upledger Institute, and at KarCh?, for an immeasurable treasure of training and insights into the world of bodies, minds, and spirits; David Slater and his staff at Healers Who Share, for leading me into the world of vibrational remedies and for challenging me in so many ways to become a better me; Helga Schoessel, for teaching me to dance; and Connie Jahrmarkt, for teaching me to sing and for bringing song and symphony into our lab.

Special acknowledgment also goes to the spas and their respective staff who supported me in my initial projects: Carol Ford, Ginny Poole, Isla Howard, Jorinda Nardone, Kirk Gregor, Lori True, Sabrina Cormack, and Sandra Jolley. Their freely given feedback to my products and packaging has informed my path to the current re-branding. My gratitude also goes to the thousands of clients who trusted me on their path to well-being and who, in turn, provided a wealth of knowledge that has created the base for our product and treatment designs.

Unending gratitude goes to my parents, Arne and Elisabeth Boecker, for teaching me how to develop curiosity and craftsmanship; to my sister, Angelika Boecker, for continuing to ask the tough questions and for daring to give me bad news when things do not come together as hoped; and lastly, and most importantly, to my husband, David Grieme, for believing in me, for not wavering in his support for this endless project, and for doing all the tough and tedious things whenever I ask, and to my children, Ian and Colin Boecker-Grieme: thank you for your love, for your help, and for rooting for me.