Today, a man came for a massage with desert-dirty feet. … I washed them. … you never know ….

Moroccan Retreat: Coming In from the Desert

Living here in the Valley of the Sun, we have a heightened sense of what it means to live in a desert:

  • We know of the tiredness that comes from being on hot and deserted stretches of parched land for hours on end and longing for cool air and fresh water.
  • We have experienced the challenge of running errands in 110*F temperatures while trotting on hot pavements, longing for shade and comfort.
  • We have encountered dust and thirst, discomfort and depletion, and maybe even the isolation of desert, the longing for human touch.

For our bodywork therapy clients, this physical experience of a climate might also be translated into a figurative experience of desert:

  • Flying a long and lonely stretch across a continent or ocean and landing in an unfamiliar and strange environment.
  • Negotiating seemingly endless and difficult business meetings and needing to unwind and get ready for more work and new challenges.
  • Working on an extensive project that isolates us from friends and family and searching for a time of reflection that will bring us back to our community.
  • Living through a time of illness that takes us to the limits of our physical, mental and spiritual capabilities, and searching for moments to reconnect to ourselves and those around us.
  • Surviving the loneliness and desperation of war, battle and destruction and reaching for a moment of rest and compassion to guide us back to our humanity.