Necklace: Balance & Harmony


Our wearable rendition of Yin Yang concepts, an invitation to consciously allow relative position into polar opposites, and seemingly opposite forces to be considered as complementary, interconnected, and dependent on each other. Sterling Silver, White Agate, Onyx, Swarovski crystals,? Stainless Steel. Various lengths and 2 inch extensions.


Balance & Harmony

Black Onyx: Stone of Protection; helps develop emotional and physical strength and stamina. Prevents the drain of personal energy.

Jet Black Swarovski Crystal: Stone for Peace. Represents Yin energy; feminine, depth, moon, night, water, soft voice, calm movements, earth, sleep, the soul, autumn.

White Agate: Stone of Grounding and Spirit; helps to bring spirituality into the everyday experience; for improved mental function and increased clarity. Stabilizer of Yin/Yang energy.

White Alabaster Swarovski Crystal: Stone for Balanced Action. Represents Yang energy; masculine, movement, noise, light, sun, day, fire, strong voice, celebration, wakefulness, life, summer.


Sterling Silver, White Agate, Onyx, Swarovski crystals,  Stainless Steel. Various lengths and 2 inch extensions.

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Satin, Sterling Silver, Stainless Steel, White Agate gemstone, Onyx gemstone, Swarovski crystals.


14 inches, 16 inches, 18 inches


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