Charm/Fob: Hematite


Stone of grounding, harmonizes the body, mind and spirit and stimulates concentration

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Hematite & Swarovski crystal charm.

Hematite is known as the stone of grounding. Hematite harmonizes the body, mind and spirit. Hematite is great for stimulating concentration. Choose this charm if you want to be more centered and ready to face the world.

Our charms can be added to our leather or silk cords to wear as a pendant alone, or in conjunction with our other charms, to create a crystal recipe designed specifically for you. Our charms can also be worn as earrings, zipper fobs or a purse accent to remind you of your intention for the day.

Please refer to our Crystal Recipe page for our Crystal Charm combinations and ideas on how to wear our Crystal Charms.





Ingredients: Hematite, Swarovski Crystal, Silver

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