Necklace: Peace, Hope, Joy, Love


Advent Reflection

Let us prepare for the coming of new life. We wait in stillness: Hope, Peace, Joy, Love, and Light. We watch and listen. And out of darkness, light is born.

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Advent Reflection

Amethyst: Stone of Intuition and Wisdom; to direct us toward creating an atmosphere of reflective calmness, to imbue a sense of mental peace and quietude that allows one to remain clear and centered while opening to spiritual direction.

Amethyst Swarovski Crystal: Stone for Cognitive and Intuitive Perception; represents our focus on initiating greater understanding and wisdom.

Rose Quartz: Stone of Unconditional Love and Infinite Peace; for concentrating on opening the heart chakra and to connecting us to the divine perfection of all that is.

Rose Quartz Swarovski Crystal: Stone for Empathy, Reconciliation, and Forgiveness; represents the intention of bringing our heart into balance with third eye and crown.

Ice Flake Quartz: Stone of Divine Love and Light; for a focus on moving our spiritual growth forward in a profound way.

Clear Quartz Swarovski Crystal: Stone for Harmony; invites us to open the crown chakra, balance the body, and to clarify and amplify intention.


Advent Reflection

Let us prepare for the coming of new life. Let us observe, let?s find our way, as this is not a time for action, yet.?We did what needed to be done and now we rest. We now approach the partial end of life; we watch the play of light and dark and find the lengthening shadows of our souls that do give shape to our existence, give urgency to love, and brilliance to this life.

Let us embrace the darkness of the coming Solstice when All Is Still. ?Charash? ? the silence, when we wait expectantly. This Stillness offers contrast, refuge, form.

We wait in stillness. Hope, Peace, Joy, Love, and Light. We watch and listen.

And, thus, we wait. We are not sleeping, are not dreaming. We are awake and listening deeply. Soon, a few days hence, the light will be reborn.

And, then, from our deepest root, we feel a spark spring forth that grows to deep, prophetic longing. Let us rejoice! Out of this darkness, light is born. This is the birth of hope, of beauty, harmony and truth.

And when we light our candles and our fires, be it with good intention: Now?is the time for bringing light into this world; a light within ourselves, a light among our friends, a light within our village, a light for our world.

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Weight 2.0 oz

Amethyst gemstones, Ice Flake Quartz gemstone, Rose Quartz gemstone, Swarovski crystals, Leather, Sterling Silver, Stainless Steel.

Nickel and Lead Free.


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